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SMDS Classes For Dental Staff

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    6:00pm-9:00pmSMDS Educational Room. 4920 Niagara Road Suite 306, College Park, MD 20740
    Dental Assistant and Staff Training Courses

    This course (classes start July 9th, 2024) prepares the dental assistant who is employed in a dental office to sit for the DANB Exam in Radiation Health & Safety Certification.  6:00-9:00 on Mondays & Wednesdays. 11 total classes per course (33 hours).  All clinical  practice takes place at the student’s place of employment (including bringing in some x-rays).  For full information, Fees, Application and full class schedule click HERE.

Peer Review Mediation

Dentistry is a profession of technical expertise and proper doctor-patient communication.  However, occasionally treatment outcomes may not be satisfactory.  The reason behind many care disputes is often rooted in miscommunication.

If you have concerns about the care you received, then Peer Review mediation can help.  SMDS Peer Review provides a free, confidential, impartial environment to review care and facilitate communication between the dentist and patient.  Often, it allows each party to see the other’s point of view and resolve issues amicably.

SMDS Peer Review committee dentists volunteer their time and expertise to make this vital service available to Southern Maryland residents.

If you would like to utilize SMDS peer review service, please download and submit this form.

Public Services

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